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CBR Team International is an organisation that wants to reach PwD’s (Persons With Disabilities) that are out of reach of the existing (health care) network in their country.

Implementation: we realise development projects according to the philosophy of Community Based Rehabilitation. Linking the community with institutions like a rehab center or a school is a challenge, to ensure accessibility to services and regular follow up. Because of the diversity of the needs of PwD’s, our approach is consistently multisectoral (education, economic empowerment,..). Our vision is established by connecting with local communities, health care providers, and political authorities.

Next to the development of rehabilitation services, CBR Team International focuses on prevention of disability, through creating awareness and education. For these purposes, we cooperate with other medical fields like ‘mother & child’-medicine and ‘HIV/AIDS’-care.

Training: we offer training for CBR staff according to the needs of PwD’s in the community, looking at basic rehab skills, monitoring and follow up, socio-economic empowerment, community sensitisation, support of self help groups,  … A newly designed syllabus comes with these intensive courses.

Evaluation: we are active in the assessment of CBR services, client needs in the community, and impact evaluation,..

Research: we look at our own results to be able to contribute to international policy about rehabilitation in low resource countries. Developing training standards for first entry rehab staff is one of our goals.

We are glad to work together with our partners:

ADPK Rehabilitation Clinic african matibabu Nyabondo Rehabilitation Center
mini sante gatagara international_federation_for_spina_bifida_and_hydrocephalus enablement
child help HoGent-woordmerk


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