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CBR Team International was founded in 2011 by Wouter De Groote,  a medical doctor with a specialty in rehabilitation (PMR),  who has a passion for policy, management and clinical work in low and middle income countries.
In January 2013, Dr. De Groote obtained the certificate of ‘development aid’ from the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and he graduated at the postgraduate course on ‘Rehabilitation management in Southern countries’ of HI and UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain). This is where he has met other members of the Team.

CBR Team International was founded to improve rehabilitation globally, and to provide services to those in need. The organisation is equipped with many profiles: professionals (ie. physical therapists, ergotherapists, orthoprosthetists, psychologist and medical doctors) to support the missions, project management and transfer of knowledge, and a fundraising team.

Management Team: Sébastien Huet, Leen De Beuckeleer, Sam Swerts, Sébastien Cotton, Dieter Van Assche, Alex Siccard en Lieven Decooman.

Syllabus working group: Rita Tack, Roxane VH, Laura Lecompte, Christel Beerens, Ellen Deboever, Dina Van Regenmortel, Alexandra Ballegeer, Leen De Beuckeleer, Sébastien Huet.

Fundraising Team: Jan Dheedene, Van Lommen Biene, Lieve Verhulst, Wim Aerts.

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