First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in the work of our organisation. It means you have a place in your heart for social work, and we are delighted about that.
You have probably well considered the thought of becoming a volunteer, and we therefore assume you have read through the entire website.
Should you consider to join our team, we can inform you that the work we do is quite varied, and it offers many different possibilities and ways for you to help us. You might feel ready to travel to Africa and help out with our projects. However, you may also feel more suitable for supporting our work in Europe (fundraising, management). In between these two extremes, a large number of other possibilities exist.
For us to be able to analyse your expertise, and consequently create a network of available people, we would like to ask you to answer the questions below.
As soon as you have sent your data, you will be in our database as a potential colleague. And we will contact you.

Your first step to join our team has now been made. As soon as your profile fits one of our activities or projects, you will be contacted well in advance.

Thank you!

CBR Team International

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