Collins got disabled from a serious burn

[Nederlandstalige versie] We are happy to share the story of Collins Juma Okoth, an 18-year-old patient supported by the CBR program. Collins comes from Asere village in Nzoia, Ugunja Sub County, in Kenya and he is a first born in a family of four children. His parents are separated, this has forced Collins to live with... Continue Reading →

Emmanuel Oloo is back at school

[Nederlandstalige versie] Due to epileptic seizures, Emmanuel’s mental capability was reduced, his fine motor system was affected, he was lethargic and even his speech was slurred. He could not attend school. Emmanuel was enrolled into the CBR program and during several home visits providing medication and therapy to improve the fine motor functions. CBR workers... Continue Reading →

La philosophie de la RBC/CBID

L’accès aux soins dans les pays en voie de développement est toujours un défi. Les personnes avec un handicap sont toujours confrontées à des obstacles tels que les transports, l’éducation, l’accès aux soins, la discrimination, … La philosophie de la RBC/CBID est favorisée par l'OMS comme stratégie d’inclusion de la personne handicapée afin que celle-ci... Continue Reading →

Jabaal and Griffin can walk again

  (nederlandstalige versie onderaan) Caroline Owino was just preparing the lunch time meal to Jabaal, Griffin and other siblings when we visited her at her matrimonial home in Ywaya village, Ugunja Sub County. Mama Jabaal as she is famously known lives with other household members in this homestead. Jabaal and Griffin are 12 and 9... Continue Reading →

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