Great news from Ghent, Belgium!


CBR Team International received great news from the city council of Ghent, Belgium. After applying for a grant for our project via the program ‘Gentenaars zonder Grenzen’, we were rewarded with a substantial amount of money: 4000 €!

The advisory board had the following remarks:

“Strong project that meets local needs, does this together with a stable, locally embedded partner, and focuses on transfering specific technical and medical knowledge. The attention for the transfert of knowledge to paramedical staff, to community health workers, and to family members of the patients is a significant added value to the target group. The engagement of local paramedical staff, trained within the project, to ensure that the ‘community based approach’ is well anchored, makes this project a good candidate to receive a city grant.”

With this support, which we will use to provide home based physiotherapy, our team will be able to continue the good work. We can now start to think ahead and prepare our next mission.

Keep an eye on our website for more news to come about our future plans!

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  1. congratulations, we assure you that as part of the team based in Kenya, we shall play our part with confidence and ensure continuity of the good work.

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