Kicking off a new year @ CBR Team International

10426178_10153539080470110_1173859126605010041_n 2015 has started for a while now and (in the mean time the month of March is knocking on our doors again) even though we have not been blogging in the last few months, CBR Team International has not been sitting still. We had a great end of the year 2014 with a successful “Supporters Evening” where we presented our annual report.  Next to the presentation of our own projects, we had “Ondernemers voor Ondernemers” talking about the durability of projects through local social and economical development, which was very interesting. This week, Wouter and Sébastien have planned their first visit in Benin, in the west of Africa. They have organised meetings with the Ministry of Health and social affairs to discuss collaboration in order to empower the existing CBR programs. In the mean time, Sien has done our first “Volunteer Info Moment” on the 28th of February. This was a first meeting with all the paramedics interested in becoming a volunteer at CBR Team International. Later this year, a short training will be provided to prepare the volunteers before going to the field. Last year, we’ve built a number of CBR playgrounds that were constructed on a few strategic places; without their knowing the disabled children are getting therapy while playing. A student at the College of Occupational Therapy in Gent will go to Kenya for 3 months to evaluate these Playgrounds on different levels: -Improve the existing tools, so that rehabilitation is done in an even more efficient manner -Find a solution to a better accessibility for these Playgrounds.Our next visit to Kenya is planned from 5-19/9 to continue what we started in the last three years and do the follow-up on the patients. As you can see, CBR Team International continues to extend their “working areas” and at the same time is improving its expertise. To accomplish all of our great plans, we need to make sure we have the funds we need. Please check your agenda’s and add: QUIZ for CBR Team International – 14/3 Run for CBR Team International – Ten Miles Antwerp – 26/4   Keep on following us here, we will announce our new Facebook Page very soon.

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