Kenya here we come again…

In september CBR Team is heading to Kenya again ! Our team this time will consist of 5 enthusiastic volunteers (fysio, OT, MD), and later this year another team of 2 fysio’s is going aswell. At this point, our organisation is providing mobility aids, medication and rehabilitation therapy sessions in the homes of 200 people with a disability, in Siaya County. We are doing this in collaboration with our local partner and NGO : Matibabu Foundation. We are looking forward to see the progress they’ve made. This year we are hoping to reach even more people ! Also, we will start a study protocol that will help us to evaluate our intervention. Probably, this study will be the first in his kind investigating this type of intervention based on a scientific method ! It’s all very exciting.. Aswell for Yolien, who is an occupational therapist. She will join us for an internship of 3 months, investigating our ‘CBR playgrounds’ project.

Do you want to help us achieving our goals? Please check our website, and use the button ‘support us’.

More news in september !




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