The story of Ringo Onyango : a story of hope.

The story of Ringo Onyango : a story of hope

Risper Onyango’s story is one of hope, tenacity and courage.  During a recent visit to her home in Ukwala location, Simur-Kondiek sub-location where she lives with her husband and 2 of her 6 children, Risper recounted to us the events of the day she was diagnosed with tumor of the spine in 2012 at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) following an MRI scan – the sudden rush of hopelessness that swept her thoughts as she imagined the rest of her life in a wheelchair.  She was no longer capable of performing household chores such as shopping for foodstuff at the market or farming.  Some of her friends had also stigmatized her and gone, never to be seen again.



However, on April 07, 2014, she found a ray of hope when the CBR team from Matibabu Foundation – Kenya (MFK) and CBR team International, Belgium paid her a visit at her home.  It is during the home visit that the CBR team International, Belgium recommended several remedies that have improved her overall independence over time – she can now move around the compound with the aid of a wheelchair and perform household chores such as clearing the compound.  The spasticity in her legs have reduced so that she can extend her legs up to 80%-90%.  She is also able to stand with the support of the parallel bars.  Her knowledge on self-care and that of her caregiver has improved – she can dress herself and is able to transfer from her bed to her wheelchair and push herself from the house.

All these resulting from consistent physiotherapy, medication, strengthening exercises, sitting and standing exercises and walking exercises by use of a parallel bar that was constructed by the CBR team.




Risper has unrelenting hope that she will walk again…  She is very grateful for the support given to her by MFK and CBR Team International, Belgium, and would like to take part in rehabilitating others in future.





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