5 days to go…


… and CBR Team will land in Kisumu for a second time around.

It’s been almost a year since our first visit in September 2013, and our ambitions have only gotten bigger!

This time again we start out from the 3 important pillars of rehabilitation: we assess a patient’s needs, prescribe the necessary medication, provide mobility equipment and physiotherapy.

In cooperation with our Matibabu colleagues, we’ll evaluate the treatment of people with a disability which we have been following for about a year now. We will organise once again several home visits and medical camps, at which new patients can apply for a first assessment.

We’ll also focus on strenghtening the capacities of the Matibabu team that does the follow up the CBR Project throughout the year. We’ve arranged for 2 days of training during which local collaborators can attend workshops on how to treat patients more effectively. Tools will be provided to actively involve family and the community into the rehabilitation process and special attention will be given to how to economically empower people with a disability.

On top of all this we’ll start with the ambitious project of building rehabilitation playgrounds! These playgrounds will be accessible for children with and without a disability. The idea is that disabled children will have the opportunity to do important physio excersises in a playful manner and at the same time will be able to interact with other children.

The coming 2 weeks will be filled with hard, but very satisfying, work! We are all looking forward to it so much!

A special thanks to everyone who has contributed and has helped us realise these beautiful projects!

Would you like that help us as well? Go to the ‘Donate‘ page on this website and please support!

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  1. well back to Kenya! we appreciate your good work in support to our children and families with disabilities! God bless you.

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