Feels like it was just yesterday…

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Here we are again, in Siaya, and it feels like we only left just yesterday…

We pick up the CBR project where we left off last year.

During the following 2 weeks, we’ll be organizing 4 medical camps in Kayombi,NyanguSigomere and Malanga.  People with a disability in these areas have the opportunity to get treatment on these camp days and some of them will be incorporated into the CBR program.

Patients that get included in the program, will  receive custom fit treatment, according to the 3 pillars of our project: they will receive medication, mobility equipment (crutches, wheelchair, orthopedic shoes, braces, adjusted seats for children with CP,…) and physiotherapy.

Of course we do more than just that! In cooperation with Matibabu we agree on a course of treatment, which our local employees and collaborators will follow up when we go back home.

Next to the medical camps, we’ll be doing a lot of home visits. We will go for a second round of check ups of the patients we included on our previous mission in 2013.  This way we can assess if the prescribed treatment has been implemented well and has the desired effect. Where necessary, we adjust the treatment.

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It’s fantastic to see how Samson for example, someone we met last year when he had just learned he’s paralyzed from the waste down, can move around independently on crutches thanks to our help. With bars he fabricated himself and attached to his house, he’s able to do daily exercices to maintain muscle strength. Christine is doing much better as well. Last year we got to know Christine as a very severe case of CP. She had regular epileptic seizures which left her extremely spastic and cramped. Today Christine is much better, more at ease and relaxed, thanks to the medication that keeps her epilepsy under control.

One of the best examples on how our project can make a huge difference, is Michelle. Just like Christine, Michelle was very spastic because of her condition (cerebral palsy – CP) and a lack of proper care. At this moment Michelle is able to interact again, she’s able to talk a little bit and welcomed our team with a beautiful big smile! This is exactly why CBR Team is so eager to work here!

Our basic story remains the same, but that doesn’t mean that CBR Team for Kenya does not dare to dream big… we want the impact of our porject to be as a big and efficient as possible!

How we plan to tackle this, you can read in our next blog!


Wouter, SienSébastien, Leen, Sara en Elisa

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