New plans…

De Nederlandstalige versie van deze blogpost vind je hier!

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Our first week of home visits and medical camps has come to an end!

Lots of old and new faces… Sometimes there’s sadness, luckily most of the time we can help create new hope…

What we do here during these 2 weeks, will help people with a disability on their way to start up the rehabilitation process… Once we get back to Belgium, the real work start for them!

Of course we try to support from a distance as much as we can. For the follow up of our patients during our absence, we have employed 2 young nurses, Nick and Phelix. They visit patients on a regular basis at their homes and help make sure the rehabilitation process is put in place.

In between the numerous home visits and medical camps, we have found time to organize 2 intensive training days, to make sure our young, enthusiastic employees can specialize in specific physiotherapy training, which will help them take care of the patients. This way we can help ensure people with a disability in Siaya will receive the best possible treatment.

At the same time we have organized, with Matibabu, some workshops and brainstorm sessions concerning a diverse range of topics (prevention of disability, economic empowerment, Behaviour Change Communication,…) which will help to strengthen our project in the (very near) future.

The CBR project is growing faster and better than we could have hoped! It’s great to see how local young and passionate people enjoy working with us and manage to bring refreshing, new ideas to the table and help to determine the new future course of the CBR project.

To add to all the good news so far, we’ve managed to set up a collaboration with a new partner, the Nyabondo Mission Hospital. As of now Nyabondo will provide us with mobility equipment (crutches, wheelchairs,…). Even more so then our previous partner, Nyabondo is able to provide us quickly and efficiently with custom made orthopedic mobility equipment. They have their own workshop on site, where they’re able to make mobility aids, especially tailored to the needs of a specific patient.

Only good news from the African countryside!

You’ve heard all about our new plans so far… stay tuned for th exciting, crazy plans up next!


Wouter, SienSébastien, Leen, Sara en Elisa


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