CBR Team has exciting plans!

De Nederlandstalige versie van deze blogpost vind je hier!


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Our second mission to Siaya, Kenya has come to an end!

And of course, we like to end in style!

During the many home visits and medical camps one thing in particular stood out… many of our patients are young children, who often have suffered brain damage (Cerebral Palsy). For each and everyone of us it would be a great challenge to keep up with the rehabilitation excersises necessary for a good quality of life. For a child, that doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand what it is going through, this challenge is even greater.

This is exactly the reason why CBR team has had a very new and exciting plan to make rehabilitation for kids a more playful experience. Thanks to the amazing support from donators back home in Belgium, we are now able to build 3 rehabilitation playgrounds. These playgrounds have been especially adapted to the specific needs of children with a disability. While playing and having fun on the playground the children are also able to exercise their sitting and standing balance and they can even try to learn how to walk independently. At the same time these playgrounds are an amazing opportunity to make contact and play with other children of the community.

At the current moment people with a disability in Kenya are often stigmatized. This ‘playful’ project has the ambition to help adress the taboo, and give parents of children who are disabled to exchange experiences. It helps to show them and the rest of the community what amazing things these children are capable of.

Tomorrow we end our adventure with the opening of our first playground in Ukwala! The community health workers, Matibabu, the local community and of course all families with disabled children are all invited to a grand opening ceremony!

We can’t think of a better way to end this 2 week rollercoaster we’ve been on!

See you all soon back in Belgium!


Wouter, SienSébastien, Leen, Sara en Elisa


*Would you like to help and support us, please take a look on our website under the tab: ‘Support us!’*



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