Emmanuel Oloo is back at school

Due to epileptic seizures, Emmanuel’s mental capability was reduced, his fine motor system was affected, he was lethargic and even his speech was slurred. He could not attend school.

Emmanuel was enrolled into the CBR program and during several home visits providing medication and therapy to improve the fine motor functions. CBR workers linked the mother with EARC (Education Assessment and Resource Centre) for proper school placement.
“At first Emmanuel was very isolated and would sit alone most of the time, he was very poor in class and also very violent towards other children in school, I am surprised at how he has become so friendly and social with the peers”, says madam Dorine his class teacher.

“Emmanuel’s fine motor skills have greatly improved and his memory has improved. He can copy from the board and write in his book and able to express himself very well. In fact, he is the only one in his class who can be able to tell or differentiate colours, this has prompted me to move him from preparatory to intermediate class.”
He is  soon joining prevocational training and later vocational training which are both offered in the same institution.

“I do not know how to express my joy and happiness for what this CBR programme through Matibabu Foundation has done to my son, he can now go to school like the other children and he has become independent, this has always been my prayer”, says the happy mother.

picture: Emmanuel (in the middle), with 2 fellow pupils at school

Text provided by Edward Oduor, CBR worker in Kenya Matibabu Foundation

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  1. Good effort CBR workers. More importantly is the cooperation from the caregivers, both parents who have made this a success. Madam Dorine has also been very cooperative when cases from the community are enrolled into her school.

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